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Hinsdale Central’s Tristan Pomeroy scores with assists on, off the ice

By Ross Forman, 03/14/24, 3:15PM CDT


Tristan Pomeroy, a three-year defenseman for the Hinsdale Central JV Team, is a three-time Academic All-Star honoree from the school and just as big of an all-star off the ice on the service/giving back to others front.

      Pomeroy, 16, a junior who lives in Burr Ridge, started skating at age 2 and played for the Hawks before joining the high school club. His team last season won the McKeague Cup, which he tagged a “fun.” The left-handed shooting Pomeroy, who skates alongside Noah Rzeppa, plays an aggressive game and had an assist this season in an IHSHL West playoff game against Sandburg.

“This season went by fast; it always does, but it was very enjoyable,” Pomeroy said. The Red Devils went 7-8 in the Illinois West JV Tiering Round, then 8-0 in the five-team Silver Seeding Round. Hinsdale Central lost 2-0 to Sandburg in the JV Playoffs.

“I loved seeing how the team really meshed after a couple of months of work. We went from losing every game by 5 or 6 to being in the gold tier.”

Case in point, Pomeroy and his Red Devils lost convincingly to Evanston. In the rematch, Hinsdale Central “just clicked,” he said, and the Red Devils celebrated a 2-0 victory. The win was a huge turning point in the season, he said, as the team then went on an 8-game winning streak.

Pomeroy has plenty of wins off the ice, too, as he does a lot of service work through the Christ Church of Oakbrook, particularly for the elderly and underprivileged. The youth group he is part of has several opportunities to volunteer at various points of the year and in various locations.

“I get a lot of joy from helping others, giving my time to those in need. I’ve been given so much; it’s only right I give back,” he said.

Pomeroy has, for instance, been to rural Kentucky and elsewhere to help others less fortunate. “I’m really pleased I’ve been able to serve in areas other than my home,” he said.

Pomeroy also has played piano in retirement homes as he has played piano for more than 12 years. “My grandfather loved listening to me play and I know others do too,” he said.

Pomeroy is part of the symphony orchestra at Hinsdale Central.

Away from hockey, Pomeroy also enjoys golfing.

And he is a near-straight-A student, if not for a “B” this year in Spanish.

“Hockey and school eat up a lot of my free time,” he said. “Typically, after school I’ll take a nap, go to practice, then do my homework and sleep. On the weekends I’ll try to catch up on sleep and see friends. I also (work) as a caddy at Ruth Lake Country Club so, in the spring, I spend most of my weekends there.”